Therei de Akhmanos

Male Rogue Tiefling


Therei de Akmenos(50)
His wings he wears as though they were a cloak. Leathery and thick they keep him warm on cold nights. The first two ‘fingers’ on his wings keep them closed and wrapped around him at all times. He refrains from wearing jewellery unless it is in a pouch or is covered in some way to avoid shining in the darkness and gain attention. Being a blood descendant of RAKSHASA Therei is more hairy than most, likening to a dwarf. Full beard, sideburns, and eyebrow hair which almost meets his forelock means his ember red eyes shine out like rubys in soil. Hairy hands and feet look as though they are gloved in short downy fur with only palms, soles, and wellworn areas showing reddened skin) he also sports a 2ft tail emenating from his coccyx. Standing 5ft4in he is of short height and at 75kg he is on the light side. His almost 3ft length multi hued (ranging from dark brown through black to almost blue in certain lights) head hair is tightly pulled back and woven from the crown at the rear of the skull, this shows the base of his horns clearly which are curved around the back of his ears exiting his head from his temples. They are so close to the skin as to almost touch it. They end points forward in line with his jaw looking like a spiders pincers. His plait of hair he wears in front him, over his shoulder, usually loosely held in place by his wings or tucked into a bag or holsters strap to keep it out of the way when working or fighting.


Therei de akmanos

Nearing his 51st year he is still considered middle-aged.
Mother (human) Elise( orphan who was born in the gutter of unknown parents and was given a paupers grave) died in childbirth. She was a poppy addict and “street performer”
Father (tiefling) Dharronn de Akhmanos. No history is known as he never spoke about his past. Not even to his Bastard, unwanted son. low level heavy for thieves guild. Was given Therei to care for when Elise died by the doctors of the local free hospital.
Therei is the result of a nights pay and failed preventatives. Abortions are illegal, expensive and dangerous. Better to have the child and abandon it. On her death bed Elise sanctioned the doctors to find Dharronn and give Terry(her choice) to him. Dharronn renamed the child Therei to be more in step with tiefling naming standards.
Inducted and trained in sleight of hand, thievery, and agility training, by the guild while his father taught him the thieves fighting skills, from birth which he became proficient in. His father instilled pride into Therei as well as self confidence and a hunger for a job well done which turned into a relentless urge for more power within the guild.
Became the leader of a low level thievery, housebreaking ring. In an attempt to rise through the ranks before his time his father became implicated in an unsanctioned insurance scam. (Home address was used as a base of operations) father was known to the local guards. Arrested, charged, not likely to see the light of day again.
Therei was stripped of his protection from the thieves guild for his actions and was banished from returning to his hometown by the leaders of the guild.
Therei returned to the town with the intentions of freeing his father. Despite the warnings from the guild leaders. In his arrogance he attempted a lined rescue mission but the guild was aware of the attempt. They accosted Therei and his father at the castles outer wall (used in an earlier sanctioned escape attempt) slaughtered the guards knocked out Thereis father and took Therei to a safe house.
News arrived of an escape attempt, double murder, blood on his hands, open and shut case (the guards were in the pocket of the guild) and Thereis father was to be executed without trial. Therei was beaten (for good measure) tied to a mule (blindfolded) and sent into the desert. Stripped of all but his name. He was rescued by a band of travellers two days later (who he robbed later on) and kept moving away from the shame of his hometown. Determined one day to return to take what he believes is rightfully his. The top spot of the guild. And the revenge for his father.
he has recently joined a band of adventurers who know nothing of his past, other than what he dare share. With his father in mind, he will be fair to those he deems it is appropriate.
He keeps the name Terry as an ode to his mother who gave her life for his. He is passionate for helping those who cannot help themselves. He will only rob from those he feels deserves or can afford it. His goal is to create a thieves guild sanctioned by the law. ie; a monthly fee to a local collecter will allow you to walk free with the knowledge that if you do get robbed you will be reimbursed. Think taxes….. but more legal.

Therei de Akhmanos

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